Jocasta’s Line

Oedipus Rex/Antigone
Sat 9 Mar - Sun 24 Mar
9 Mar
24 Mar

Ancient tragedy in contemporary form

The ill-fated family line of the Theban queen Jocasta resonates between two works brought together under the direction and choreography of Wayne McGregor: Stravinsky’s Oedipus Rex (1927) and Samy Moussa’s new work Antigone (2023).

When Jocasta unwittingly marries her son Oedipus, an inevitable tragic continuity is passed to the next generation. Internationally acclaimed choreographer and director McGregor gives the classical tragedies of Jocasta, her son Oedipus and daughter Antigone a gripping, contemporary movement language: expect no narrative dance to illustrate the music and words, but rather an integrated experience in which the movements of singers and dancers reveal their own truths.