The Theory of Everything

Wed 20 Dec - Sun 7 Jan
20 Dec
7 Jan

The clock ticks on and the days go by, but no one knows exactly when time will slow down or fly by. Let’s bend time: that will mean more for everyone. We’ll throw away our clocks and wade across lightyears. 

The spoken-word opera The Theory of Everything follows eleven-year-old Nia’s magical and philosophical quest for more time. Her grandmother, a leading scientist, wants Nia to use her amazing mathematical skills to help her in her laboratory in a joint effort to solve the physics conundrum of the theory of everything. But Nia’s uncle, a famous dancer, sees Nia’s talent for dance and wants her to spend all her time in the dance studio so she can become a great soloist. Nia could do either and wants to do both, but she doesn’t know how to manage it. She feels forced to choose. If only she had more time...